Discover Scotland, The Ultimate Golfing Destination

Let Scotia Golfing Show You THE real Scotland

We are Proud to be Scottish and want you to experience only the very best vacations Scotland has to offer. 

Just as no two rounds of golf are the same, we believe every client is different

From start to finish, your Scotia Golfing experience will be tailor made for you and your party 

Just like dining in a fine restaurant, you can choose from the 5* menu of Classic Scottish Golf Courses or enjoy a Scottish Smorgasbord of many different flavours to create an experience that Stimulates every palate.

We also recognize, that for some clients, there is more to Scotland than Golf and perhaps 6 rounds of golf in 7 days can be slightly over whelming. So we will be pleased to offer you a wide range of additional activities that will enhance and embellish your Scottish Golfing experience

Just imagine fishing for Trout and Salmon on one of Scotland's lochs and rivers with our sister company Scotia Fishing or let one of our qualified Blue Badge guides enthral you with a tour of one of Scotland's Historic Castles followed by a dram at one of Scotland's great distilleries. 

If you are interested in tracing your Scottish roots and ancestry we can also create a bespoke vacation which combines great golf whilst exploring your family history.

Scotland provides a fascinating and exciting combination of land, culture, history and activities that makes it the ideal vacation destination for all tastes and appetites. Once your appetite is whetted we are sure you will be back to taste some more.

Scotland has it all, from, Mountains and Glens, Castles and Monuments, Lochs and Rivers, Whisky and Seafood And of course....The Home of Golf 

Tailor Made 

We take pride in our ability to surprise even the most well-travelled client

We believe it is the little details that make a memorable golfing vacation and our aim is to provide you with a feast of memories 

Just like fingerprints, no Scotia Golfing client experience should be the same. We take pride in our attention to detail, our flexibility and our quality of service. Meticulous planning and understanding the needs of our clients is the key to our success

We understand that time is the most precious commodity and cannot be replaced

At Scotia Golfing we invest our time to ensure your time is not wasted 

We will invest our time wisely, understanding your needs, understanding your dreams and leaving nothing to chance to deliver the ultimate Scottish Golfing Vacation

The key to our success is meticulous planning and attention to detail, no matter how small the item, no matter how many questions you may ask, delivering your dream is our reality. 


Golf and Whisky Tours Scotland
Whisky has been distilled in Scotland for over 500 years and Scotch Whiskey is now famous across the globe. Our mountains produce pure clear water, our fields provide the golden barley and our distillers combine these simple products to create our unique drink , Whisky, The Water of Life. There is a whisky to suit all tastes, all occasions, all more
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Golf and Fishing Tours
Guided fly fishing in Scotland for Atlantic salmon, wild Brown Trout, Grayling, Pike and Salt water species can be arranged with qualified, professional Scottish fishing more
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Golf and Scottish Tours
Scotland's turbulent history has left a lasting mark on the landscape in the shape of many castles and fortresses that pepper the countryside. From magnificent city landmarks to mysterious ruins, Scotland is renowned for its iconic castles. Whether you are looking to explore the largest in the country or discover the home of your ancestors there is always plenty of history to uncover as each castle has a fascinating tale to more
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Golf and Cuisine
Let Scotia Golfing show you why Scotland is famous for great food and can rightly boast of having some of the best restaurants in the more
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Great Outdoors
Everyone knows that Scotland is world famous as a Golf Destination however it offers far more than just a variety of world class Golf Courses. It offers a fantastic combination of scenic landscapes, rugged mountains, mysterious lochs, unique culture, fascinating history and a wide variety of outdoor activities. Scotia Golfing will be able to ensure that you can experience some or all of these Scottish national treasures during your more
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